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About Adam

Adam Strong is a Ultra-High Energy Personal Productivity Authority, he can increase staff performance, improve work-life balance and create a high performing work culture. He currently runs 4 different businesses and enjoys working with senior business leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs and medium sized companies.

Adam is also a Former Elite Athlete that trained with Mo Farah for 3 years. He takes the same skill-set that he learned as an athlete to teach his clients on how to create high performance work cultures through increased productivity and retaining high quality employees. His background is in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer and massage therapy specialising in injury prevention and sports performance. He is the author of his groundbreaking book ‘Move it or lose it’ a book that is written for companies that want their senior leaders to excel and achieve their full potential.

Adam is hugely passionate about helping employees in the workplace become more engaged improving physical and mental wellbeing, achieving work/life balance and developing natural leaders. He enjoys the challenges of being in business, strategic innovation, ideologies and bringing them to market. Tying that with helping people he believes is a great catalyst to creating results and success in life.

Adam is champion for supporting women, personal assistants and entrepreneurs and is the Founder of ‘The Association of Extraordinary PAs. He runs events for personal assistants on how they can position themselves differently from other PAs, become inspired and empowered to make changes, achieve greatness and success in their personal and professional lives.

Best Man of the Year Award for supporting Women in Business

Hire Adam as your Keynote Speaker

Adam speaks with high energy and passion for conferences, organisations, events and charitable evenings.

Adam Strong is known to speak on a variety of different topics such as

– Empowering You to Become a Champion

– The 5 Pillars of Peak Performance

– How to Smash Your Limiting Beliefs

– How to Maximise Your Energy and Time Management

– Accelerated Outcomes

Discover how keeping fit can benefit your business

For Corporates

You know how challenging it is for companies to increase productivity, decrease costs and get a return on investment in high salaried executives?
I do this both in the short term by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism by 25% and in the long term improve retention through my programme ‘STRONG, a highly effective 5 step process combining fitness, mindset, nutrition, work-life balance and accountability.
To receive specific projections on how much I could potentially make or save your company after implementing my ‘Strong’ program, contact me.
For Growing Businesses, Investors and Property Experts

Most established business, investors and professional business owners find it difficult to grow and scale, struggle to attract the right partners, fail to attract new clients/customers, get overwelmed and fraustrated, your limiting beliefs hold you back and you get stuck because you don’t have the right support. Sound like you?

For Entrepreneurs & Business owners

You know how frastrating and difficult it can be to sustain business growth without accountability, discipline, focus and results? How would your business change if I could increase your performance, productivity and profits?

We are launching ‘Accelerated Outcomes Business Mastermind’. The goal is to help grow and scale your company by up to 10 times, teach you a unique 5 step formula to pitching and help grow your company both nationally or Internationally. You will learn from successful entrepreneurs, influencers, gamechangers and athletes from around the world.

I have created the ultimate 87 day online coaching course. I am here to support you and hold your hand. I will become your CEO delivering fast and effective results. What makes this program different from other programs is that it incorporates physical exercises and well as sharpening your business skills.

Colleagues of Adam Strong

With American rap star and successful businessman 50 Cent (sold over 30 million albums + 9 figure stakeholder in Vitamin Water) and JT Foxx (The World’s No1 Wealth Coach)
With John Travolta (American Actor that starred in Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Swordfish, Pulp Fiction and others, Producer, Dancer and Pilot)
With Calvin Klein (Fashion designer and Founder of Calvin Klein Inc, net-worth of $700 million)
With Vanilla Ice (American rap star that sold over 360 million records and real estate tycoon)
With Dr Nido Qubein (Consultant to FTSE 100 companies, motivational speaker and President of High Point University in North Carolina)
With Sharon Lechter (Financial literacy activist and educator that sat on the President Advisory Council that served President Bush and President Obama, 7 times NY best-selling author and former CEO of the Rich-Dad organisation)
With Randi Zuckerberg (Former Market Development and spokesperson for Facebook and sister of the company’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
With George Ross (Former executive vice president and senior counsel of the Trump organisation also known as Donald Trump’s right hand man)
With Hugh Hilton (Part of the Hilton family worth in excess of $750 million
With Russell Hall (Founder of the Black Taxi app Hailo and Technology Entrepreneur)
With Camilita Nuttall (Founder of the Event of Champions, Property Investor and award winning sales coach)
With Darshana Ubl (Co-Founder of Verve Rally, entrepreneur and advisor to SME’s, Darshana has represented small businesses in the UK and been featured on Sky, BBC news and radio)

Customer Testimonials

Mirela Sula, Editor in Chief of Global Woman magazine, Psychologist, Author and Speaker (London, UK)

Finance Professional, Mentor and Speaker (Cambridgeshire, UK)

I had conversations with Adam about business and personal development. He is extremely insightful and knowledgeable about building businesses and personal brands. Anyone who is looking for advice on growing their business could learn a lot by engaging him.
James Savage

Co-founder and Chief Publishing Officer at The Local Europe AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Adam is the Champion for supporting women and personal assistants. He is very passionate about this association. He provides support, willing to listen to your needs in terms of assisting you in your role to succeed. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Adam, especially as you get to know him. So I highly recommend you to connect with Adam!
Shirley Ruiz

Executive Assistant at HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Adam inspires me every day in his passion, dedication and enthusiasm into providing people a healthier way to live life! He is my go to man when i need some extra motivation, and advice on everything to do with fitness/business. Would highly recommend his services!
Tom Cotterill

UX Talent Agent at Trust In Soda Ltd

From the moment I met Adam Strong at a work network function , i sensed that he was a person of substance and dynamism .His “can do”attitude and inclusive nature was very impressive along with well developed networking skills. He has an unique ability to engage others and to establish connections of relevance . I had the opportunity to also hear him speak about his extraordinary journey of success at the Global Woman summit in UK ,and how he is able to find the best in himself in others to create opportunities for empowerment , balance and progress . Adam is strong, confident and engaging and he has the ability to transfer these talents to others ,with his mentoring and coaching business. I am very happy to recommend him professionally to those who are in need and want to achieve the best that they are capable of achieving”
Africa Zanella

Master of Commerce, CEO of the Centre for Sustainability and Gender Economics and International speaker

Adam is a great business coach; to the point, no messing about, but at the same time he cares about his clients. I found this to be ideal. In such a short period of time, Adam made me see my personal hurdles for what they were and enabled me to establish a realistic plan of how to deal with them and improve my business. I would recommend Adam to anyone who actually wants to make changes to better their lives and careers
Torie Robinson

Career Consultant & Strategist

Karen Petterson, Business Owner and Real Estate Tycoon (Hertfordshire, UK)

Christian Harbeck, Business Owner (Cape Town, South Africa)

Janicka Bassis, Women in Real Estate Authority and Branding Expert (Belgium)

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